Traditional Photo Booth 

If you have ever seen a Photo Booth and video booth in use, you will know how popular, enjoyable and sometimes even addictive they can be for your guests.If you haven’t seen one before rest assured a photo booth hire for your event will add something really special to the occasion that can be cherished for years to come. Here at Directors Cut Photo Booth Birmingham, our aim is to help ensure your event is the most memorable it can possibly be for both you and your guests. Whether you are planning a Wedding, Birthday Party, Prom, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or a Corporate Event, a Photo Booth hire is guaranteed to be a sure-fire success with your guests.

Why Choose Our Traditional Booth 

There are many reasons why people decide to rent our Traditional Photo Booth for a special event. Not only does the Traditional Photo Booth create great photos either for print or for  social media, it can also be the highlight of the event! Photo booths are a real talking point, and people can very excited to see and use them. It can capture pictures like you wouldn’t achieve with a normal camera, such as having custom backgrounds with our interactive Green Screen that can be customised to suit your event. And HD video recording for your guests to leave a cheeky message.

Here at Directors Cut Photo Booth, we invest in nothing but the very best in quality and cutting edge technology keeping ahead of all of our competition. Make your Event an absolute blast to remember with our Traditional Photo Booth.

Photo Booth Dimensions

Our Traditional Booth measures 1.3m x 2.3m which we can tuck into any area of your venue. We bulid the Photo Booth up on the spot so we can squeeze through doorways and zip up and down staircases with ease.

Full Customisation 

Nothing is too much to ask here at Directors Cut Photo Booth. We will bend over backwards to create a Birmingham Photo Booth experience fully bepoke to your requirements. From the outside to the inside to the print outs to the online pictures. We can be as creative and detailed as your imagination can dream. We can wrap the booth in its very own digitally printed skins including, full branding, Logo's and colour schemes/themes. Creating a really inviting eye catcher for any corporate event. We don't stop there! We work closely with every client to customse everything and anything possible. Have a message, colour scheme/theme, brand or logo on your prints that will look polished and professional designed by our in house design team using PhotoShop. Step it up one more level with an interactive Green Screen to have any backdrop to your pictures you want. Finish by sending your pictures viral across Social Media platforms, boosting Brands, Logo's, Offers, Vouchers and more. 

The Sky is the limit with our Photo Booths. Enquire now to see how we can help you!!!