Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Our Magic Mirror photo booth is an amazingly fun way of making sure your occasion is remembered for years to come by your guests. This interactive photo booth allows you to sign your name on the mirror, pose with your family and friends in your own home and receive a personalised print from the photo booth, with your own annotations. Check out our Magic Mirror features below...

What is the Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror photo booth is the most technologically advanced photo booth on the market..

The Magic Mirror really is a photo booth concealed behind a magic mirror.

How it works...

Guests can see their reflection in the mirror.

Animations appear and instruct guests to touch the glass and even sign their name on the mirror!

The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and guests receive an instant personalised print.

Why the Magic Mirror...

This Photo Booth is brand new. Perfect if you're looking for something different.

The Magic Mirror creates a great atmosphere at any event drawing all of your guests over to interact and have a blast.

Add a luxury edge to your occasion.

Fantstic fun.

The latest Photo Booth Experience

Luxury and cutting edge social photography, the Magic Mirror is a unique photo-based experience that is perfect for any event!

Just a like a normal mirror, the guests pose. Suddenly, the mirror will burst in to life and on screen animations will begin inviting guests at your event to interact.

Your guests will be encouraged to go crazy, dance, frolic and show off, all to capture the funniest pictures for you to look back at for hours.

After the razor sharp DSLR camera has taken the pictures, your guests can digitally write on the screen with their finger to sign their creation and leave a message. These will then be on the prints just a few seconds later.

Dimensions and Appeareance

The Magic Mirror takes up about 1m x 1m and can be tucked into all sorts of areas in any type of venue. We can fully customise the Mirror to match any bespoke requirements from frames to panels, matching brands, logo's and themes. It can sit discreetly in the background or show off its full beauty right in the action. 

The Print Out

Our in house design team work closely with every client to professionally design your print layouts with PhotoShop matching brands, logo's, vouchers, theme's, colour schemes and messages. Each guest who uses the Mirror can choose between 1 - 4 print outs to take home with them.

Social Media

We provide a USB stick with all the photo's on for you to do with as you please. We can upload them to all social media platforms and you can even upload them to your own pushing hash tags, websites and brands. Set the social media world on fire and push your hilarious pictures as far around the world as you wish #viral

Why us...

We bend over backwards for every client making the little things count just as important as the big ones. We aim to please and promise not to let you down. Get in touch now to find out how we can help with your event.