Bolt Booth


Boltbooth is a top rental wedding product, for the modern millennial bride.


The only photo booth of its kind, Boltbooth embraces the digital era of what is possible for event technology.


A super fun and engaging experience for you and your guest, who wont have seen anything like it before!


In addition to ordinary still photos, Boltbooth takes a super fast 16 photo burst mode within 4 secs, that will play instantly forward and then reverse. Creating a never ending loop, Boomerangs encourage guests to move and get creative, resulting in hilarious boomerang that guests will be amazed at. 


The ultimate fun for guests, Give your wedding some Bolt!




**Please note this is a digital photo booth. No physical prints are created. All guests receive their photos and boomerangs to their phone via text message. No more lost photos, No more guests trying to take pictures of photo on their phones. The morning after the night before all guest will still have a pristine digital copy of their photo experience on their phone to keep forever or share as they please.